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Crystal Imagery, Glass Fit for a Princess Commercial

At Crystal Imagery, we have custom glasses for anyone in your life – even one fit for a princess. Whether he or she enjoys the outdoors, traveling, reading, has a proud military background or anything you can dream up- Crystal Imagery is here to make your fairytales come true!



February 2nd, 2018

Crystal Imagery Engraved Barware Customer Service FAQ’s Answered

Our CEO and owner, Eric Schuchart interviews Crystal Imagery’s customer service rep and inside salesperson, Laura Brewer about the most frequently asked questions. Enjoy a little humor and get some answers here.

January 30th, 2018

Difference Between Etched Barware and Sand Carved Glasses

See the difference between the traditional etched or engraved barware, and our sand-carved hand crafted bar glasses from Crystal Imagery. The depth of carve provides a deep relief, 3D finish on the glasses. Our President and owner of Crystal Imagery, Sherri Blum Schuchart shows the difference here.

January 30th, 2018

M&T Commercial, What’s Important Interview with Crystal Imagery’s Sherri Blum Schuchart

M&T Bank commercial featuring Crystal Imagery Inc.’s owner and President, Sherri Blum Schuchart. What’s Important Commercial interviews by M&T Bank. Sherri discusses how her father’s work ethic impacted her life and career choice to become an entrepreneur.

November 30th, 2017

Sandcarved Glasses vs Laser Etched and Engraved Barware

Comparison Sandcarved Glasses Comparison of Sandcarved Glasses vs Laser Etched and Engraved Barware.

Comparison of Sandcarving, Laser Engraving, Rotary Etching and Screenprinting on Glassware

When it comes to personalized barware and glasses, there are many options available in the marketplace. Your choices range from a premium, high quality technique like sandcarving to the inexpensive, cartoonish look of screenprinting. In between, but still at the lower end of the quality spectrum are laser engraving and rotary etching.

Let’s begin with an explanation of each of the methods.

  • Sandcarving glass is a process by which a sand-like media such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide is directed through a nozzle under high pressure. The force of the “sand” hitting the glass carves away unprotected areas of the glass. A template material with the desired design is adhered to the glass. The template is created from a computer so anything that can be scanned, saved to or drawn on a computer can also be carved on the glass. On the template itself, the parts of the design that include the logo or art have been removed to allow the sand to pass through and carve away the glass. The longer the operator directs the sand to the glass, the deeper the carving. The limitations to the depth of carve are the wall thickness of the glass. Large areas of the design can be blasted leaving the protected areas of the glass to appear raised or 3D from the surface. The effect is a jaw-dropping 3-D effect that exudes quality and luxury.
  • Laser engraving is the process of directing a high intensity beam of light generated from CO2 to the surface of the glass. The beam fractures the glass surface to create a rough frosted appearance. If you were to look closely at a glass that has been laser engraved, you would see an irregular and rough cut path where the laser beam has traveled. Designs from a software package can be loaded into the memory of the laser. The laser will travel back and forth until the design has been scratched into the glass. The effect has no depth and is a cheaper, standard method of personalizing your glasses.
  • Rotary etching uses a faceted rotary diamond cutter that has to physically make contact with the glass. Functionally speaking, it works similar to a dremmel tool. A spinning bit, cooled with a stream of water, makes its’ way across the surface of the glass and fractures the areas to be etched. The results are cleaner than a laser but lacking in terms of depth of the etch and overall smoothness of the etched areas. This is the process the mall kiosk etchers use to put names and dates on wedding flutes and metal dishes. It should be noted that this process is much better suited for etching metal than glass. The effect is a flat, standard every-day look for personalization.
  • Lastly is screenprinting. Most everyone is aware of the results produced from screenprinted glasses and mugs. They can be done in any combination of colors. The paint is applied to the glass through a mesh screen. The screen allows paint to flow through where there is design and blocked with there is no design. The result is a colorful, nonpermanent picture stuck to the surface. This process is usually preferred when one wants to buy large quantities of give-away type promotional products. It is cheap and fast and not typically used for gifting due to its’ cartoonish looks.

So now that you know how glasses can be personalized, the next question is which one is right for you? If lowest price is your only concern and you want the absolute cheapest glass you can get, the choice is clear. Screenprint is the cheapest option at virtually any qty 12 and up. Discount charges about $15 per glass if you buy 12 glasses with a custom logo. The price drops to just under $8 if you need 36 or more logo glasses. What you need to accept with screenprinting is that your custom glass looks like you paid very little and will be probably not be used much by the recipient.

Next up in the quality department is laser engraved glasses. The laser beam can only fracture the surface of the glass and achieves no depth to the design. The frosting is light and hard to see. While the technology is super cool, using this method on glass is not desirable.

Rotary engraving is great at etching words into custom barware but like laser, it only scratches the surface and create fractures. The lines are more crisp than laser engraving but it doesn’t do well with logos where there are large areas to the design.

That leads us to sandcarving. Sandcarving blasts deep into the glass creating a 3 dimensional look and feel to the logo. The lines and edges are extremely crisp with super fine detail. Not many people have seen glassware that has been deep carved, mostly due to the fact that there aren’t many sandcarving companies out there. Etching and engraving have flooded the market for years. When you come across a sandcarving company, they warrant a closer look. The depth of carve creates a WOW factor that is non-existent in the other three techniques. Pictures don’t do this product justice. You’ve heard it before but it is absolutely true in this case – it is something you have to see to appreciate. I can assure you a sandcarved beer mug or whiskey glass is something that will be cherished forever. These personalized glasses are showpieces that can be used every day and then displayed on your bar rather than relegated to the back of your kitchen cabinet!

Custom Engraved Sandcarved Wine Bottle Custom Logo Beer Mug Gifts










April 6th, 2017

M&T Bank Commercial Features Crystal Imagery Pres, Sherri Schuchart

M&T Bank Commercial Features Crystal Imagery President, Sherri Schuchart

M&T Bank’s latest “What’s Important” campaign’s most recent commercial features our one and only President, Sherri Schuchart. See Sherri as she discusses how her father has inspired her to follow her dreams!

June 16th, 2015

Indulge Yourself… Custom Barware for Everyday Moments

engraved whiskey scotch glasses decanter

Indulge Yourself.

At Crystal Imagery Distinctive Barware, we believe that every day little moments are cause for celebration. Whether you’re enjoying intimate moments with friends at home, a romantic retreat with your sweetheart, the retirement of an honored veteran, welcoming a new neighbor or thanking your best man…adding Crystal Imagery custom glassware will take the experience to a whole new level of luxury.

March 17th, 2014

About Us, From the Mouth of The Glass

Monogrammed Wine GlassesThe years have flown by and I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I had ample time and would sit and study him from afar. There was a time he seemed lost and when he held me it was like he looked through me…searching…and then she entered the picture and she was spirited, energetic, and full of life and I witnessed sparks between the two and so starts my story….

Our worlds changed drastically as she was fiery and full of ideas and he became alive with dreams awakened and I knew I would never be the same. He worked long hours and with purpose and she was much of the driving force behind his dream becoming a reality. Now when he held me he didn’t look through me, but instead, he studied me and held me with hands of strength and purpose…

We emerged from the studio and what a picture we made. She smiled demurely, he tilted his head that sexy boyish charm way she and I had come to admire, and the light danced off my newly engraved monogram and my polished curves. We were a sight to behold…

No longer meant to be overlooked, I now had the honor of making their guests feel distinguished and their discriminating taste extended to other styles of glasswaredecantersmugs, and shot glasses. We treated each guest with sophistication and refinement as unique as the one holding the glass…

And of course our story doesn’t end there. From small intimate gatherings to the times we welcomed a house full of lively chatter and laughter, we reveled in the distinction that we were treating each guest with an intricate design as unique as themselves and it was time to share this experience…

So now we invite you to enjoy this experience and we promise you will not be disappointed. Whether it is the scent of merlot kissing your senses, cognac swirling its magic in your glass, aged whiskey gracing your palate, or the welcomed suds of a cold beer helping you unwind, we have the perfect complement for you…

Whether you want to personalize your own collection or you want to share this stylish, fun, and superior craftsmanship, we are here to make this all about you and your world. We look forward to serving you and may your days be filled with hard work, dreams come true, and the reward of exceptional carved glass in your hands.

ericheadshotHe…is Eric Schuchart, CEO and Founder of Crystal Imagery

Eric Schuchart founded Crystal Imagery in 2000. Long term customers include distinguished clients such as the U.S. House of Representatives, The U.S. Senate, The CIA and dozens of high end resorts throughout the country. He has his BSBA from Duquesne University and his MBA in Manufacturing from George Washington University.

SherriPortraitWebShe….is Sherri Blum Schuchart, President and Creative Director of Crystal Imagery

Sherri Blum Schuchart is a renowned artist and interior designer and founder  of Jack and Jill Interiors, a celebrity nursery design firm. Sherri joined Crystal Imagery in 2009 and has her BSED in Sociology from Shippensburg University and completed graduate work at Loyola University. Sherri handles new product development and marketing for Crystal Imagery. 



April 4th, 2013


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