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Groomsmen Gifts for the Conservative Guy in Your Wedding Party

Groomsman Cocktail Bar Glass, BarwareThroughout your life, you’ve probably had a friend who wasn’t quite as outgoing as your other buddies but was still a lot of fun and extremely dependable. He’s the guy you look up to when it comes to professional aspirations, and you’ve probably taken a few life lessons from him when it comes to family and friendships. If you have a conservative guy in your wedding party, the wedding party gift you give him should fit his personality. Here are a few great choices that will let your straight-laced friend know just how much you appreciate him.

Whiskey Label Personalized Flask

Maybe the conservative friend in your life has introduced you to quality spirits since he’s likely the one to convince the group to try something other than beer during a guys’ night out. A personalized whiskey label flask that looks like a vintage whiskey label would make the perfect gift since it likely looks like his favorite spirit, but the label will be customized to feature his name and the city or state where the two of you met. The etching on the glass has a 3D effect, and the flask holds up to 8.5 ounces of whiskey, so you and your groomsmen can celebrate your special day together.

Groomsmen Tuxedo Top Hat Flask

This flask is the perfect gift for the guy in your wedding party who never passes up the chance to get dressed up. You can always count on him to show you how to tie a vintage bow tie or pick the perfect pair of shoes for a corporate gala. The Groomsmen Tuxedo Top Hat Flask features a picture of a tuxedo front and top hat, and you can have your friend’s name engraved in the center of the flask. You can present these gifts at the beginning or your reception so your groomsmen can use them to celebrate during the night, and of course the gift makes a great keepsake after the wedding is over.

Groomsmen Bowtie Whiskey Glasses

These whiskey glasses are great for proposing a toast to the men who have been supportive and encouraging throughout your life. These make classy gifts since they are engraved with a bowtie design on the front, which makes them ideal for members of your wedding party who are known for being men of style. There’s also room on the glasses for you to have each wedding party member’s name engraved along with the date of your wedding. The Groomsmen Bowtie Whiskey Glasses also pair well with the tuxedo flask, so you can present both of the items as a set to the groomsmen in your life who have had a hand in making your wedding one to remember.

Groomsmen Beer Mugs

Even if your friend is the more conservative one in the group, he probably won’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a glass of quality beer with his best friends. The Groomsmen Beer Mugs include a banner for engraving the name of your groomsman and his role in the wedding. The mugs also feature an attractive banner, are made from strong glass and are dishwasher safe.

Check out our great selection of crystal gifts for the groomsmen who mean so much to you, and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.



August 9th, 2017

The Perfect Personalized Shot Glass for the Outgoing Groomsman

With Groomsman Shot Glass Giftsyour wedding approaching, you will need to find gifts for your groomsmen to thank them for taking part in your special day. If you’ve got a few guys in your wedding party who are especially social and outgoing, a groomsman shot glass could be a great gift. Here are a few shot glasses that will serve as a perfect token of your appreciation.

Skull and Crossbones Shot Glass

The Skull and Crossbones Shot Glass has a bit of a rocker feel but is still sophisticated. In the middle of the skull and crossbones design, you can have your groomsman’s name engraved to personalize this gift. You can also have the title “groomsman” inscribed at the bottom of the glass. This gift can also serve as a way to say thanks to the ushers and hosts for your wedding. The shot glasses have been hand-crafted and are made from quality glass that will last for years, so your groomsman will remember your wedding day fondly each time they take a shot of their favorite beverage.

Oval Banner Shot Glass

This Oval Banner Shot Glass features a banner that offers just enough space to have your groomsman’s initial engraved in the center. You can also have your groomsman’s full last name engraved on the small banner under the monogram to make the gift even more sophisticated. With such an impressive design, your outgoing groomsmen can use it as a conversation piece at parties or add it to their extensive shot glass collection. This square-sided glass is great for taking a celebratory shot of tequila or whiskey and is a personalized gift that will be useful for years after the wedding.

Retro Shot Glass

If your groomsman has a classic sense of style and is always the life and soul of the party, the Retro Shot Glass is the ideal gift. This glass comes with a rectangle banner and vintage print, with enough space for your groomsman’s first name and his role in the wedding. The engraving also has a 3D effect that makes the gift even more impressive.

Arched Panel Shot Glass

The Arched Panel Shot Glass features a large, attractive banner and design that will immediately grab your groomsman’s attention. The banner is the perfect backdrop for letters that are engraved to look 3-dimensional. You can have your groomsman’s name engraved in Old Western-style font, and leave a little space underneath the name to have your their role in your wedding carved on the glass. This glass is made of quality materials, so it will last a long time, and you will likely have a chance to celebrate using these glasses in the future.

These are just a few of the shot glasses you can present to your groomsmen as gifts. The glasses can be given individually, but you can also present them as a set of glasses if they are the type that loves to entertain. Check out for more great gift ideas.




May 30th, 2017

Groomsmen Gifts for the Man’s Man

Groomsmen and best man gift ideas, engraved beer glasses, whiskey glasses and decanters by Crystal Imagery,Your groomsmen and best man deserve personalized groomsmen gifts that will be useful and appreciated for years to come. The days of giving the typical keychains, moneyclips and ties are behind us, thank goodness! Grooms are putting more thought into their groomsmen gifts and showing some true appreciation to these men who have loyally stood by their side for years. Personalized groomsmen gifts that are actually useful are definitely the way to go. And it can’t get much more useful than a custom beer mug, pilsner, or personalized whiskey glass that can be used every time he wants to kick back with a brew or scotch!

Our custom groomsmen beer mugs, best man decanters and groomsmen whiskey glasses have been a HIT with grooms and groomsmen. We’re getting rave reviews from customers who love the unique deep carvings (not your typical surface etched glass), as well as our unique designs created by our in-house product designer.

Check our our extensive collection at Crystal Imagery and feel free to call or email us if you want something custom designed just for your groomsmen. After all, they’re worth it.



September 13th, 2014

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Best Man Groomsmen Pilsner Beer Glass

Best Man Pilsner Beer Glass

Give the important men in your life a groomsmen gift they will treasure over the years that is unlike any engraved groomsmen gift they have received for other weddings. You want something truly unique that will stand out in their minds and be useful for many years to come. Select from our numerous one-of-a-kind deeply sand-carved engraved groomsmen glasses to make a lasting impression. Does your best man love whiskey, scotch or bourbon? We have engraved groomsman gift ideas just for him in every style of personalized bar glasses available. If your groomsman loves beer, choose from our distinctive pub and pint beer glasses, our new pilsner beer glasses, or a personalized engraved best man beer mug that he will use and enjoy every day in honor of you. Your groomsmen have been selected for their loyalty and friendship. You could easily grab something inexpensive from the local mall kiosk, but don’t your best friends and brothers deserve more on this special occasion? Our custom engraved groomsmen gifts are of the highest quality and are a cool groomsmen gift idea that will show just how much you appreciate that lifelong friendship.

Groomsman Pilsner Beer Glass, best man gift ideas

Groomsman Pilsner Beer Glass

Groomsmen Whiskey Scotch Glasses

Groomsmen Whiskey Scotch Glasses

Groomsmen beer mugs, custom engraved gifts.

Groomsmen Beer Mugs


August 25th, 2014

Groomsmen Decanters, Custom Engraved Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts

Best man decanters, groomsmen whiskey scotch decanters and gift ideas

Best Man Decanters

Introducing our custom engraved Best Man Decanters and Groomsmen Decanters! You asked for it, you’ve got it! We know how much you appreciate your groomsmen and want to give your best buddy a gift he will actually cherish…one that will make him smile and think of you and all the good times together. Our custom engraved and personalized groomsmen whiskey decanters and best man scotch decanters are the perfect cool groomsmen gifts to commemorate your friendship.

We offer two styles of custom groomsmen decanters, one more traditional and ornate in style with old-world fonts, and a second that is clean lined and a simple vintage style featuring old typewriter fonts. In each case, our master carvers hand-craft each decanter by carving out a background panel, leaving the lettering untouched and raised from the decanter’s surface in a stunning three-dimensional manner. This unique engraving technique creates a finish that always garners a “wow!” reaction when it’s seen and felt.

We offer a drop-down menu on each groomsman decanter page that allows you to select the title of your groomsman. For example, you can select from Best Man, Usher, Groomsman and even Groom. Then type in the groomsman’s name in the box provided and add to cart. You can follow this method for each groomsmans gift.

See more samples below and be sure to consider adding a set of matching groomsmen whiskey glasses to make a jaw-dropping thank you gift for your buddies!



custom engraved personalized groomsmen decanters, gift ideas

Engraved Groomsman Decanter

Groomsmen whiskey scotch decanters personalized engraved

Groomsmen Whiskey Decanters

Best man engraved decanter, personalized and custom best man gift ideas

Best Man Engraved Decanter


May 5th, 2014

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas, Engraved Best Man Beer Mugs

groomsmen beer mugs, best man beer mugs

We’ve added some really cool groomsmen gift ideas to the site for you! Our newest custom groomsmen beer mugs, groomsmen whiskey glasses, and groomsmen shot glasses feature a retro style with a vintage typewriter font presenting the title of your groomsman (Groom, Best Man, Groomsman or Usher) along with his name making it a classy groomsman gift that he will enjoy for many years to come.

Our master sand-carvers will carve out the background panel of the design one at a time, leaving the lettering untouched and raised from the beer mug or whiskey glass surface in a really cool 3D manner. These hand crafted engraved groomsmen glasses are far superior in finish to the custom groomsmen glasses you find at the mall kiosk where they only scratch the name into the glass. Many grooms make the mistake of seeking out inexpensive groomsmen gifts and sacrifice quality. Our glasses, when ordered in sets of four or more will range from only $8-$13 a glass! Not only are these best man gifts affordable, but they are of the highest quality and will far surpass your expectations. You have to see them and run your finger across the carvings to experience our depth of carve for yourself. If you look closely at these photographs, you can see the shadowing around the personalization on each bar glass. Our sand-carvers will carve away the background to a depth that provides the wow factor while maintaining the integrity of your glass.

Your best man, ushers and groomsmen have been loyal friends for many years. They deserve a thoughtful gift that they can be proud to use on a regular basis. A gift from the Crystal Imagery barware collection shows your true appreciation of his loyalty!

See more examples below and contact us with any questions!



groomsmen shot glasses, best man shot glass

groomsmen whiskey glasses, groomsmen scotch glasses

April 21st, 2014

Wedding Gift Registry- Engraved Glassware Gifts

wedding toasting flutes, wedding gift registry

We now have a GIFT REGISTRY installed on the Crystal Imagery site! Set up your wedding registry, make a wish list for retirement, birthday, etc…gifts.

Crystal Imagery has partnered with so you can place all of the items you want into one UNIVERSAL gift registry! Whether you’re registering for your wedding gift ideas, bridal shower, anniversary, birthday or for groomsmen gifts and more…our gift registry helps you organize all your wish list items in one place. Create your master list and share your single manageable wedding registry with family and friends. Need assistance with selecting your gift registry items? Contact our studio to speak to an expert. Our in-house interior designer can help you select coordinating stemware, groomsmen gift ideas, bridal party toasting flutes, and gift items to ensure a beautiful and complete set of glassware for your fine dining or party needs.  Please SHARE with your friends who are getting hitched.

bridesmaids gifts, maid of honor gifts



April 18th, 2014

Bridal Party Personalized Engraved Toasting Glasses

bridal party champagne toasting glass flutes Our bridal party personalized engraved toasting glasses not only make a beautiful presentation at the head table during your wedding reception, but they also make a wonderful keepsake gift for your attendants. Featuring engraved champagne flutes for the bride and groom, best man, maid of honor, matron of honor, groomsman, usher, and bridesmaid, we’ve got everyone covered! Our design features a beautiful classic panel carved out of the glass leaving the title of your attendant and his or her name untouched and raised from the glass surface in a breathtaking three dimensional manner. Our wedding toasting glasses are much classier than your traditional engraved glasses found at the local mall kiosk. You’re bridal party have been carefully selected for their loyalty to you over the years…they deserve a truly beautiful and thoughtful gift that they can cherish and use for many years to come.

Who says you have to serve champagne for your wedding toast? For the wine lovers, we’ve also created a set of bridal party wine glasses to ensure you have something truly special for your wedding reception.

Our bridal party wine glass set is also perfect for use during the bachelorette party. Why not give every bridesmaid her own personalized wine glass to enjoy and use throughout the bachelorette party and then take home as a keepsake? It’s a perfect way to remember an especially fun evening with your best friends.

groom, groomsmen, best man champagne toasting flutes

Bridal party, bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor wine glasses

groom, best man, groomsman, usher wine glasses

March 23rd, 2014

Groomsmen Gift Ideas, Engraved Beer Mugs for Best Man

Groomsmen Gift ideas, Engraved Beer Mugs for GroomsmenSeeking cool groomsmen gift ideas? Look no further! Our custom engraved beer mugs for groomsmen and whiskey glasses for groomsmen have you covered! We have covered all the bases with Groom, Best Man, Groomsman and Usher accompanied by the names of your groomsmen to add personalization to make these a truly sentimental gift for your best men.

Our master carvers will deeply engrave a background panel from the glass, leaving the lettering and personalization untouched and raised from the glass surface in a jaw-dropping 3D manner.

Don’t settle for standard engraved groomsmen beer mugs. Our carving method is far superior and will blow their minds when they hold this very special gift!

engraved groomsmen whiskey scotch glass groomsmen gifts

March 22nd, 2014


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