Crystal Gifts to Congratulate Your Colleague, Boss, Coworker

logo wine glass giftWhen you want to wish your colleague well or congratulations on a job well done, a crystal gift could be a stylish and elegant way to express your sentiment. There are lots of gifts to choose from, and you can base your selection on your coworker’s sense of style and the formality of the occasion.

engraved logo coffee mug gift

Corporate Logo Coffee Mug

One of the most popular gifts is the engraved coffee mug. This is a gift your colleague can use every day, and you can customize it to feature your company’s slogan and logo. You can also present the mug with the recipient’s name and job title, and a short message of encouragement or appreciation. Getting a 3D image engraved onto the mug will add an impressive touch, so if you have a picture of the recipient or the award he or she has received, you can send it in so that our artists can replicate the image.

Engraved logo coasters

Personalized Stone Coasters

A coaster makes a creative and sophisticated gift for a colleague who has just reached a professional milestone. The coasters are made from sandstone, which makes them breathable. They’re also backed with cork so they won’t scratch the surface of tables or counters. You can customize the coasters to feature the coworker’s name and years of service with your company. It’s also a good idea to have the company logo engraved on the coasters so your colleague can use these items when entertaining business prospects.

Company Logo-Engraved Wine Glass

If your company often has dinners and celebrations that involve toasts to colleagues who have done an exceptional job, an engraved wine glass makes a great gift. Your company’s logo can be featured in a 3D image on the glass, or you can have your coworker’s name engraved to make the gift especially personal. A short inspirational message can also add a nice touch to this glass gift. These glasses are also dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to clean, and the gift can be used as a display item in your coworker’s office as well.

Waterford Logo Gifts

Logo-Engraved Decanter

This beautiful decanter is a thoughtful gift if your colleague is regularly entertaining business partners and wants to make a great impression. The decanter comes with a stopper and is perfect for serving Scotch whiskey or even wine. Of course, the decanter can be used as an attractive pitcher for non-alcoholic drinks as well. The decanter also makes a beautiful decorative item for the office when it’s not being used.

Logo-Engraved Ice Bucket

The crystal ice bucket is another ideal gift for a coworker who often has meetings and professional get-togethers. There is plenty of space at the front of the ice bucket to feature your company’s logo, or you can request that your colleague’s initials be engraved onto the gift.

These are just some of the attractive and impressive gifts that you can find for your colleague at Crystal Imagery. Feel free to browse our online store to find more gift ideas.





July 14th, 2017

Engraved Crystal Wedding Gifts

Engraved Crystal Wedding GiftsAn elegant engraved crystal wedding gift is one of the best ways to let your loved one know how honored you are to be a part of their special day. We offer a variety of beautiful crystal wedding gifts that are sure to spark fond memories each time the recipient uses their incredible gift.


Waterford Crystal Glasses

Items like the Waterford Crystal Engraved Glass are sure to impress your family member or friend. These glasses are made of European crystal, and our signature deep-carved engraving technique is used to make the monogram on the glass stand out. The Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern has been the foremost design for Waterford for over six decades. Our engraving style has an 18th-century influence and is a nod to George and William Penrose, the founders of Waterford Crystal. You can customize this glass to feature the names of the bride and groom, the monogram of the couple’s new family name, and/or the date of the wedding. There are a number of designs to choose from, and the etched design at the base of the glass (depending on the gift you choose) makes this crystal gift one that will be cherished for many years to come.


Bar Glasses

For something more casual but still classy and unforgettable, a bar glass may be the answer. We offer personalized whiskey scotch bar glasses, which can feature the initial of your loved one or the monogram of the couple’s new family name. These glasses are ideal for a celebratory glass of scotch or whiskey, and they are available in Waterford Lismore or standard glass.

To present your family member with a wedding gift that signifies pride in their native hometown, you can choose the Hometown City Rocks Glass. The glass features a map and embossed name of the city in the center. This gift can serve as a way to honor the recipient’s childhood and formative years while reminding them of great times ahead.


Engraved Wine Bottles

An engraved wine bottle is a wonderful gift because it offers a personalized message that the bride and groom will cherish. You can feature the date of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom, and a short quote or phrase about love to make the gift unique. The message is sand-carved into the glass, and since the bottle is empty, you can further customize the gift by filling it with flowers or small candies. These bottles are available in both green and blue glass, so you can choose a gift that will best match the wedding color scheme.


Ice Buckets

A Waterford crystal ice bucket is a perfect gift for a couple that entertains often. This item has enough room for the engraved monogram and the full spelling of the couple’s last name. The shield design is rather eye-catching, and the etched accents at the bottom of the item make it even more appealing.

These are just some of the stylish and sophisticated glass gifts you can give to a newly married couple to show how much you care. Be sure to browse through our site for more beautiful customized gifts you can choose from.



May 30th, 2017

The Perfect Personalized Shot Glass for the Outgoing Groomsman

With Groomsman Shot Glass Giftsyour wedding approaching, you will need to find gifts for your groomsmen to thank them for taking part in your special day. If you’ve got a few guys in your wedding party who are especially social and outgoing, a groomsman shot glass could be a great gift. Here are a few shot glasses that will serve as a perfect token of your appreciation.

Skull and Crossbones Shot Glass

The Skull and Crossbones Shot Glass has a bit of a rocker feel but is still sophisticated. In the middle of the skull and crossbones design, you can have your groomsman’s name engraved to personalize this gift. You can also have the title “groomsman” inscribed at the bottom of the glass. This gift can also serve as a way to say thanks to the ushers and hosts for your wedding. The shot glasses have been hand-crafted and are made from quality glass that will last for years, so your groomsman will remember your wedding day fondly each time they take a shot of their favorite beverage.

Oval Banner Shot Glass

This Oval Banner Shot Glass features a banner that offers just enough space to have your groomsman’s initial engraved in the center. You can also have your groomsman’s full last name engraved on the small banner under the monogram to make the gift even more sophisticated. With such an impressive design, your outgoing groomsmen can use it as a conversation piece at parties or add it to their extensive shot glass collection. This square-sided glass is great for taking a celebratory shot of tequila or whiskey and is a personalized gift that will be useful for years after the wedding.

Retro Shot Glass

If your groomsman has a classic sense of style and is always the life and soul of the party, the Retro Shot Glass is the ideal gift. This glass comes with a rectangle banner and vintage print, with enough space for your groomsman’s first name and his role in the wedding. The engraving also has a 3D effect that makes the gift even more impressive.

Arched Panel Shot Glass

The Arched Panel Shot Glass features a large, attractive banner and design that will immediately grab your groomsman’s attention. The banner is the perfect backdrop for letters that are engraved to look 3-dimensional. You can have your groomsman’s name engraved in Old Western-style font, and leave a little space underneath the name to have your their role in your wedding carved on the glass. This glass is made of quality materials, so it will last a long time, and you will likely have a chance to celebrate using these glasses in the future.

These are just a few of the shot glasses you can present to your groomsmen as gifts. The glasses can be given individually, but you can also present them as a set of glasses if they are the type that loves to entertain. Check out for more great gift ideas.




May 30th, 2017

Crystal Imagery Review

Engraved glass coffee mug, personalized.We have another fun customer review to share with you. This very smart customer purchased engraved glasses to give away as engraved teacher gifts! These are some lucky teachers! Cindy chose to order very personalized gifts for teachers. Some received whiskey glasses, others beer mugs and wine glasses. The teachers will have something unique that they can enjoy for years to come.

I just ordered a series of monogrammed glasses from your company.  I just received them and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am.  The glasses are beautiful.  Thank you, I really love them.  They are so unique.  My son is graduating and I plan on giving these to his teachers with their favorite bottle of wine/scotch These will make a beautiful gift that I’m sure they will love and appreciate.
Thank you,
Cindy V.



May 16th, 2017

Happy Customer Review – Wedding Toasting Glasses

Wedding Day Bridal Party GlassesWe love being a part of your special day and a large portion of our summer business is creating special wedding toasting glasses and groomsmen gifts as well as special bridesmaids gifts. Today we received this special note from a last minute bride and groom who turned to Crystal Imagery to “save the day” with special custom glasses for their wedding reception and bridal party. Did I say how much we love our jobs and our customers? – Cheers!

“Just wanted to say thank you. We were late getting all the details ready for our wedding, so it didn’t give much time for us to find some custom glassware made. I was so worried with how long other companies were saying it was going to take. I called Crystal Imagery and they said they could get them done and mailed out same day. Well I didn’t believe it, but sure enough, I got an email saying my package had shipped. When they arrived they were such great quality! But one was broken…. I called to reorder it and they told me to just send a picture and boom, they had another one mailed out. Great product! Great customer service! Amazing price! Sorry about the picture not being that great but I had to show them off. The wedding party loved them. I will be ordering again to get some for the house.” – Stephen H.

Wedding Reception Toasting Wine Glass for Bride and Groom

May 1st, 2017

Creative Ways to Display Your Engraved Logo

company logo barware and glassware promotional giftsIf you are having engraved gifts created for marketing purposes, you’ll want them to grab the attention of established and prospective customers in a way that makes your company memorable. Engraved glass gifts will make a great impression on clients, and the following creative ways to display your logo could lead to more business for you in the future.



While monograms are usually reserved to signify someone’s name, you can use the monogram design as part of your logo. For instance, if you have a lifestyle brand, you can offer your customers the Personalized Whiskey Scotch Bar Glasses, which can feature the first letter of your company name. Of course, this works best if you’ve already established the monogram logo as one of the ways that customers identify with your brand. The elegant design will likely be a welcome gift and will increase brand recognition.



An engraved banner provides you with the space to spell out the name of your business, especially if you choose a promotional gift like the Logo Beer Growler. The beer growler provides enough room for you to feature the first letter of your business in calligraphy font, with a banner underneath the monogram to spell out the name of your company. The beer growler also makes a great gift for loyal customers and will serve as a fitting marketing piece if you are promoting any brand.


Engraved Company Name

If you want to thank your clients for their continued patronage or want to promote a new product that you are introducing, you may want to present customers with the Corporate Logo Engraved Wine Glass. This item has a frosted banner that allows you to have both the name of your company and your logo featured on the glass. The banner also includes a detailed border design to add elegance and sophistication to the item. These glasses also make ideal gifts for your employees or can serve as a prize for a giveaway or promotional event. The wine glass also makes an excellent keepsake or decorative item that you can feature in your office, which will serve as a powerful marketing tool when you are meeting with clients.


Engraved Logo

Glasses and growlers will serve as notable gifts for customers and potential clients, and if you have already given these as a present, you could feature your logo on a serving platter or cheese board. The serving tray is made from slate, and your company’s monogram and logo will be featured in the center on a shield and banner. The Custom Logo Slate Serving Tray, Cheese Board, is a visually appealing and practical gift, especially for clients who entertain often and can be given with an accompanying wine glass to make a stunning gift that will leave a lasting impression.

These engraved logo gifts are not only suitable for business purposes but can be given as tokens of appreciation after a special event like a wedding or anniversary party. Take a look at all the custom gifts we offer to find one that matches your style.



May 1st, 2017

Engraved Glass Gifts that Mom Will Love

engraved wine glasses for womenIf you are thinking of getting Mom a one-of-a-kind gift that is both decorative and fashionable, an engraved glass gift could be the perfect solution. We have a number of customizable gifts to choose from, so you can make Mother’s Day extra special.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses that have been engraved with your mother’s name or initials are visually appealing, and they are the perfect container to hold the Mother’s Day cocktail you have prepared. The gift can serve as a reminder that you know Mom works hard taking care of you, and she deserves to relax.

You can choose from glasses that feature a cursive monogram if your mom’s style is classy and elegant. The Waterford Lismore Essence wine glass is beautiful and is an ideal gift for celebrating a special occasion. There are also stemless wine glasses like the World’s Best Mom Stemless Wine Glass, with enough space for you to personalize the glass with your mom’s name.

Coffee Mug

If your mom enjoys a hot cup of coffee in the morning, the glass coffee mug is a superb gift choice. The World’s Best Mom Coffee Mug is a thoughtful gift, and you can customize it with your mother’s first and last name. The mug is great for coffee, cappuccino, and teas and is accented with a heart to show Mom just how much you care.

Wine Decanters and Carafes

A decanter or carafe is a great gift for Mom if she likes to entertain and wants to serve her guests in style. Our decanters and carafes are made from European crystal, and the Engraved Crystal Wine Decanter features your Mom’s initials in cursive and a beautifully detailed base that makes the item stand out. This decanter is especially suitable for red wine, or you can make a pitcher of sangria for Mom to enjoy during Mother’s Day brunch.

Champagne Flutes

If you are planning on raising a glass and toasting your Mom this Mother’s Day, a Personalized Sippy Cup Champagne Flute will make the perfect gift. You can even have the flute jokingly engraved with the phrase “(Mom’s first name)’s sippy cup” to make the gift more personal. The flute comes with a beautiful shield design and is written in a font that is easy to read.

Engraved Wine Bottles

The Engraved Wine Bottle features a message that is just for your Mom and can serve as a creative and aesthetically pleasing gift. The images and words are sand-carved into the glass, and you can feature your Mom’s name, the year she became a mother or the year that you present the gift to her. These wine bottles are available in green or blue.

There are several gifts to choose from when you want to get your mother a personalized item that she will cherish for years to come. Our staff will work with you to customize your glass gift just the way you want it in time for Mother’s Day gift giving.


May 1st, 2017

Sandcarved Glasses vs Laser Etched and Engraved Barware

Comparison Sandcarved Glasses Comparison of Sandcarved Glasses vs Laser Etched and Engraved Barware.

Comparison of Sandcarving, Laser Engraving, Rotary Etching and Screenprinting on Glassware

When it comes to personalized barware and glasses, there are many options available in the marketplace. Your choices range from a premium, high quality technique like sandcarving to the inexpensive, cartoonish look of screenprinting. In between, but still at the lower end of the quality spectrum are laser engraving and rotary etching.

Let’s begin with an explanation of each of the methods.

  • Sandcarving glass is a process by which a sand-like media such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide is directed through a nozzle under high pressure. The force of the “sand” hitting the glass carves away unprotected areas of the glass. A template material with the desired design is adhered to the glass. The template is created from a computer so anything that can be scanned, saved to or drawn on a computer can also be carved on the glass. On the template itself, the parts of the design that include the logo or art have been removed to allow the sand to pass through and carve away the glass. The longer the operator directs the sand to the glass, the deeper the carving. The limitations to the depth of carve are the wall thickness of the glass. Large areas of the design can be blasted leaving the protected areas of the glass to appear raised or 3D from the surface. The effect is a jaw-dropping 3-D effect that exudes quality and luxury.
  • Laser engraving is the process of directing a high intensity beam of light generated from CO2 to the surface of the glass. The beam fractures the glass surface to create a rough frosted appearance. If you were to look closely at a glass that has been laser engraved, you would see an irregular and rough cut path where the laser beam has traveled. Designs from a software package can be loaded into the memory of the laser. The laser will travel back and forth until the design has been scratched into the glass. The effect has no depth and is a cheaper, standard method of personalizing your glasses.
  • Rotary etching uses a faceted rotary diamond cutter that has to physically make contact with the glass. Functionally speaking, it works similar to a dremmel tool. A spinning bit, cooled with a stream of water, makes its’ way across the surface of the glass and fractures the areas to be etched. The results are cleaner than a laser but lacking in terms of depth of the etch and overall smoothness of the etched areas. This is the process the mall kiosk etchers use to put names and dates on wedding flutes and metal dishes. It should be noted that this process is much better suited for etching metal than glass. The effect is a flat, standard every-day look for personalization.
  • Lastly is screenprinting. Most everyone is aware of the results produced from screenprinted glasses and mugs. They can be done in any combination of colors. The paint is applied to the glass through a mesh screen. The screen allows paint to flow through where there is design and blocked with there is no design. The result is a colorful, nonpermanent picture stuck to the surface. This process is usually preferred when one wants to buy large quantities of give-away type promotional products. It is cheap and fast and not typically used for gifting due to its’ cartoonish looks.

So now that you know how glasses can be personalized, the next question is which one is right for you? If lowest price is your only concern and you want the absolute cheapest glass you can get, the choice is clear. Screenprint is the cheapest option at virtually any qty 12 and up. Discount charges about $15 per glass if you buy 12 glasses with a custom logo. The price drops to just under $8 if you need 36 or more logo glasses. What you need to accept with screenprinting is that your custom glass looks like you paid very little and will be probably not be used much by the recipient.

Next up in the quality department is laser engraved glasses. The laser beam can only fracture the surface of the glass and achieves no depth to the design. The frosting is light and hard to see. While the technology is super cool, using this method on glass is not desirable.

Rotary engraving is great at etching words into custom barware but like laser, it only scratches the surface and create fractures. The lines are more crisp than laser engraving but it doesn’t do well with logos where there are large areas to the design.

That leads us to sandcarving. Sandcarving blasts deep into the glass creating a 3 dimensional look and feel to the logo. The lines and edges are extremely crisp with super fine detail. Not many people have seen glassware that has been deep carved, mostly due to the fact that there aren’t many sandcarving companies out there. Etching and engraving have flooded the market for years. When you come across a sandcarving company, they warrant a closer look. The depth of carve creates a WOW factor that is non-existent in the other three techniques. Pictures don’t do this product justice. You’ve heard it before but it is absolutely true in this case – it is something you have to see to appreciate. I can assure you a sandcarved beer mug or whiskey glass is something that will be cherished forever. These personalized glasses are showpieces that can be used every day and then displayed on your bar rather than relegated to the back of your kitchen cabinet!

Custom Engraved Sandcarved Wine Bottle Custom Logo Beer Mug Gifts










April 6th, 2017

Barware Glass Choices Of Famous Characters From Movies

James Bond MartiniIconic characters in famous Hollywood movies have personalities that are larger than life. They tower over us, flashing from the silver screen into our hearts and minds, where we get to know them on a subtle but powerful level. That familiarity with these classic characters allows us to pair them with the perfect crystal imagery glass choices.

Luke Skywalker: Luke was a simple farm boy on a backwater planet until he found out what his true heritage was. However even after he went on to become the most powerful Jedi in the universe, he still retained those laid back tastes. That is why he would be most drawn to the personalized shield pub glass, which is a sleek, stylish choice, that also evokes the spirit of a hero.

James Bond: The world’s most famous spy is known for being brave, deadly, and suave with the ladies. He’s also known for the iconic drink order of a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. As such he would be automatically drawn to the personalized monogram martini glass, which would be engraved with his own initials to show his style, and sophistication.

Gandalf: A wanderer, warrior, and mystic, Gandalf the Grey was known to spend a good bit of time in Taverns, sipping from a pint as he listened, learned, and laid his plans for the future. If brought into reality he would definitely make the wings and shield pub pint glass an element of his travel gear.

Tarzan: A simple man of the jungle who thrills at swinging from vine to vine as he calls out across the lush green landscape with his mighty roar, Tarzan would instantly gravitate to the monogrammed personalized beer mug, which he could fill with water from the river for on the go refreshment as he carried out his adventures.

King Kong: A massive ape with a penchant for the ladies, King Kong would need more than a regular sized human glass to quench his thirst. That is why he would be outfitted with the engraved, personalized, shield pitcher, which would afford him a mighty gulp to match his dominant bulk.

Forrest Gump: A simple man who lived his life according to his own moral code, and ended up impacting on some of the greatest events in human history. If Forrest Gump had his choice he would probably prefer this elegant but simple monogrammed and engraved pub glass.

Dorothy Gale: Dorothy wished she could find another world, one of color and freedom, but when that tornado whisked her away she learned that there is no place like home. That’s why this hometown city street map ornament would be a must have for her collection.

Rick Blaine: The dark and brooding hero of Casablanca, Rick Blaine doesn’t drink with his customers, but he will enjoy a solo glass of scotch sipped from a piece in his personal collection, such as this Wings and Shield monogrammed scotch glass.

Robin Hood: The prince of thieves, Robin Hood’s goal is to rob from the rich and give back to the poor until the rightful king of England returns from the crusade. But when he’s not busy bothering the tax collectors, he likes to sit back at camp and enjoy some grog in a mug like this monogrammed typewriter font engraved one.

Scarlett O’Hara: Known for her sophistication and elegance, as much as her fiery temper and drive to survive, Scarlett O’Hara would definitely be drawn to the red wine glass custom engraved with her own initial.



Crystal Imagery, Inc President




February 9th, 2017

Glass Choices of Famous Figures From History

The Crystal Imagery Glass Choices Of Famous Figures From History

Marilyn Monroe Champagne FluteThroughout the course of history, great figures have risen into the spotlight. Some of these have been warriors, politicians, philosophers, or simply great men and women who changed the world through the force of their powerful personalities. These are people who are well known across the globe, with characteristics that speak to us from ages past, giving us a glimpse into their behaviors and preferences. In this way it is possible to pair each of them with the perfect crystal imagery glass piece to match their style.

Alexander The Great: One of the greatest warriors and commanders in history Alexander the Great conquered the entire known world before he was 30 years old. An avid drinker of Grecian wine, he would have been drawn to the custom engraved red wine glass with his name and initial printed on the piece.

Cleopatra: One of the greatest seductresses in human history, the story of her two great love affairs, first with Julius Caesar, and then with Mark Anthony changed the course of human history. For her selection the heart and arrow wine decanter would be best, engraved with the initials of her romantic partner.

Winston Churchill: Known as a famous drinker who would wake up first thing in the morning to have a little scotch with his coffee, and then continue with that habit throughout the entire day. Never one to stand down from a challenge, Winston Churchill would have appreciated the elegance and daring of the wings and shield monogrammed scotch glass.

Golda Meir: One of the most powerful women in human political history, Golda Meir rose to a position of power in the volatile country of Israel, helping to guide it through the rocky first few years of its independence. With her style and personality, she would be most drawn to the personalized monogrammed tea goblet with her initials on the glass.

Marilyn Monroe: She was one of the most famous actresses of all time, and is a hallmark of style, elegance, and glamour. For those reasons Marilyn Monroe would have been drawn to the initial, circle engraved champagne flute. This fits her flashy, Hollywood feel, while still maintaining a simple grace which was a hallmark of her beauty.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Rising from humble beginnings, Napoleon became the Emperor of France, ruling over territory that stretched the breadth of Europe. Known for his refined tastes, and love of family, he would have chosen the personalized crest decanter with his family seal on it.

Genghis Khan: Known as one of the most savage and ruthless warriors in history, Genghis Khan was also a wise leader, who brought his people to new heights while also uniting the world. Coming from a culture that promoted the consumption of alcohol, he would have been drawn to the engraved beer growlers if given his choice.

Julius Caesar: While Caesar did not partake in alcoholic beverages himself, he did like lavish feasts with his honored guests. So the engraved wine decanter would be a great way for him to demonstrate the pride he had in his family name, while also sharing generously with those who supported him.

Marie Antoinette:Let them eat cake!” Those are words that sparked a revolution, and they came from the mouth of one of the most famous aristocrats of all time. Known for enjoying the finer things in life she would be most attracted to the typewriter font engraved personalized champagne glasses.

Joan of Arc: A great warrior who led her people into battles against great odds and still came out victorious. Joan of Arc would have preferred the chaste pleasures of the engraved monogrammed diamond goblet.



Crystal Imagery Inc. President




February 8th, 2017

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